The Fund

Financial returns and social impact

The Old Mutual African Agricultural Fund is an investment vehicle focused on investing in African farmland.  

The Fund is suitable for long-term horizon investors who require a combination of attractive financial returns and positive social impact. The Fund will invest primarily in agricultural production and directly related agricultural infrastructure in row crops, permanent crops, pasturelands, livestock and dairy and will actively seek to acquire farmland with a scope of expansion or fragmented land that can be consolidated into a large-scale agriculture property.

The Fund is managed by Futuregrowth Asset Management, a boutique of Old Mutual Investment Group South Africa, which has a strong focus on socially responsible investments. Futuregrowth is advised by UFF Asset Management, a specialist agricultural asset management firm. The investment team has  solid on-the-ground experience and a successful long-term track record of impact investing in Africa.

For more information on agricultural funds, click here to read about Futuregrowth's Agri-Fund which has been operating in South Africa since early 2010.